I worked with Esprada for 2 years during my time agency-side.

Esprada provide professional office coffee machines and barista-style coffee beans to local businesses in the Sussex, Surrey and London area.

I was heavily involved in producing web copy for their re-brand and bespoke website, as well as planning, writing and publishing a blog content strategy that really reflected their brand values and spoke to their audience.

As a brand that wanted to be on par with the likes of Nespresso, Esprada needed a content strategy that presented them as luxurious and a cut above the rest.

However, the challenge was we didn’t want this to mean Esprada was deemed unattainable and too expensive. Instead the message had to be ‘great coffee should be enjoyed by all’.

The content strategy had to represent a brand that was high end without the high end prices. I very much enjoyed working with the family-run business and am so happy to see the brand take off.

In fact, I recently found myself enjoying a cup of their delicious coffee as I joined my latest company in Chichester and noticed the Esprada coffee machine taking pride of place in my office kitchen!

For examples of my web and blog copy work, check out their website.

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